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Resident/Fellow and Faculty Surveys

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(for residents, fellows, and faculty members only)

The ACGME’s Resident/Fellow and Faculty Surveys are an additional method used to monitor graduate medical clinical education and provide early warning of potential non-compliance with ACGME accreditation standards. All specialty and subspecialty programs (regardless of size) are required to participate in these surveys each academic year between the months of January and June.

When programs meet the required compliance rates for each survey, reports are provided that aggregate their survey data to provide an anonymous and comparative look at how that program compares against national, institutional, and specialty averages.

  • Resident Survey Reports – When at least 70% of a program’s residents/fellows have completed the survey and at least four residents/fellows have been scheduled, reports will be available annually. For those programs with fewer than four residents/fellows scheduled for the survey who meet the 70% compliance rate, reports will only be available on a multi-year basis after at least three years of survey reporting, but may contain up to four years of data.

  • Faculty Survey Reports – When at least 60% of a program’s faculty members have completed the survey and at least three faculty members have responded, reports will be available annually.

Samples of these surveys are not available. Unlike previous Resident/Fellow and Faculty Surveys that were comprised of static questions, they are currently comprised of a bank of questions that may vary depending on a person’s responses, their level of education (residents/fellows), or their role in the program (faculty). Not all survey takers will see the same questions. That being said, the ACGME will continue to focus on general content areas (Clinical Experience and Education (formerly Duty Hours), Faculty, Evaluation, Education Content, Resources, Patient Safety, and Teamwork)) rather than individual survey questions.

Resident/Fellow Survey:

Faculty Survey:

Program staff with questions about the survey should e-mail Residents/fellows or faculty members with questions about the survey should e-mail or respectively. Residents/fellows and faculty members who require login information to be re-sent: click on Receive Survey Reminder; use your e-mail address and the program’s 10-digit ACGME program code to receive a reminder.

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