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ACGME Grand Rounds

Stuart Slavin, MD, MEd, ACGME senior scholar for Well-Being, presents “Cognition, Mindsets, and Well-Being.” The session introduces the concept of cognitive distortions and explores how they can develop into ingrained mindsets that influence behavior and affect well-being. The webcast also provides an overview of a resilience and well-being curriculum under development that the ACGME will make available to programs and institutions later in 2019.

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2018 ACGME Summer Spotlight Webinar Series
August 23 - Mastering the Annual Program Evaluation - One Chapter at a Time
August 16 - Remediation, Probation, and Dismissal from Residency Training: Managing Crucial Conversations with Residents Using a Systematic Method and Live Simulation
August 6 - Leveraging Data Across Multiple Requirements to Streamline Coordinator Efforts and Align with the Academic Year
August 2 - Maximizing the Value of the ACGME Self-Study Process for Your Program: No Need to be Afraid!
July 25 – Integrating Technology into Teaching: From the Big Auditorium to the Bedside
2017 ACGME Summer Spotlight Webinar Series
June 23 – Utilizing Mega Planning Theory in the Development of New GME Programs: A CLER Vision
June 21 – Resident Death by Suicide: The GME Office’s Role in the Response and Management
June 20 – Coaching in Medicine: An Alternative Strategy for Trainee, Faculty, and Leadership Development
June 14 – Where is Jim Collins When You Need Him?
June 13 – Competencies and Milestones: Past, Present and Future
2017 Summer Spotlight Coordinator Forum Webinar Series
May 30 – Put Me in Coach! The Program Coordinator’s Role in Coaching Trainees to Study for the Boards
May 23 – My Big Fat Post Match Analysis
May 16 – Collaboration Drives Innovation: Why Teamwork is Critical in the New Era of the Next Accreditation System (NAS)
May 9 – Thinking Outside the Box: Creative Approaches to Milestone Evaluation
May 2 – Using Data Strategically to Streamline Coordinator Work Products and Maximize Program Outcomes
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May 26, 2015 - A Single Accreditation System: How to Prepare for your Program’s ACGME Site Visit
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April 1, 2015 - The Transition to ACGME Accreditation presented by John R. Potts III, MD, FACS
ACGME Milestones Project: Lessons Learned and What's Next
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