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Program Directors Virtual Handbook

Program directors and coordinators have tremendous responsibility for developing, overseeing, and improving residency or fellowship programs, implementing changes based on the current accreditation requirements, and preparing for accreditation site visits and review by the ACGME Review Committees. The ACGME has developed a 'Virtual Handbook' with links to sections of the website that are relevant to this work:

  • The ACGME Manual of Policies and Procedures; Section II, Accreditation Policies and Procedures contains a complete explanation of accreditation statuses awarded to programs and the policies to which program directors must adhere.
  • The Contact Us page provides ACGME contact information.
  • Visit the Self-Study and Site Visit page for information about the accreditation, self-study, and site visit processes, and the role of the ACGME Field Representatives.
  • The Data Collection Systems page provides information about the Accreditation Data System (ADS; the online reporting system in which program directors are responsible for annually verifying/updating critical accreditation program information (including Case Logs for applicable specialties) and keeping resident/fellow records current), the Resident/Fellow Case Log System, and the Resident and Faculty Surveys.
  • The Meetings and Educational Activities section includes information about the ACGME Annual Educational Conference, courses, workshops, webinars, and other meetings.
  • In addition to the Review Committee staff, whose contact information can be found on the relevant specialty page, accessed from the menu under the Specialties header in the top navigation, the designated institutional official (DIO) and Graduate Medical Education Committee of a program’s Sponsoring Institution and the applicable specialty-specific program director associations are other important resources.

If additional information is needed to answer specialty-specific questions, contact the Executive Director or other Review Committee staff members at the ACGME. Again, their contact information can be found on the relevant specialty page, accessed from the menu under the Specialties header in the top navigation. The program's 10-digit ID number should be included in all correspondence with the ACGME.

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