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Resources for New Program Directors

The ACGME has developed a set of educational resources to assist new program directors as they prepare applications for new programs at their institutions.

Before using the below resources, download and read the 2015 and 2016 versions of the applicable specialty-specific Program Requirements (accessed on the Applications and Requirements page of each specialty’s section on the website); this will inform development of a focused list of questions to ask of the specialty Review Committee’s Executive Director—the best resource for effectively navigating the application process. Programs will need to be in compliance with the Requirements that go into effect July 1, 2016.

1. Introductory Resources to the Application Process
How to Complete a Program Application for ACGME Accreditation

Total Viewing Time: 30 minutes

2. Additional Resources to Help Programs Prepare for Accreditation

These additional resources can help programs organize for post-application activities, such as preparing for a program site visit, implementing an effective evaluation system and resident/fellow Milestones assessment, and running a Clinical Competency Committee ( CCC ).

3. Resources on Assessment and Evaluation

The ACGME’s Assessment Toolbox is undergoing an update; until these resources are available, explore the well-designed GME Evaluation and Assessment Tools available through such institutions as the University of California, San Francisco. Another tool is the following article by ACGME Vice President, Milestones Research and Evaluation Dr. Stan Hamstra, which provides a useful overview for all specialties of the different types of tools available for use in assessing residents’ performance as they progress through a program.

Designing and selecting assessment instruments: focusing on competencies by Stanley J. Hamstra, PhD (Academic Emergency Medicine)

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